Articles About Service Dogs

What is the difference between a service dog, a therapy dog and an emotional support dog?

Service dogs are those that are trained to do a specific task. That is, they help a person with some kind of disability or problem, either physical or mental, to do something they could not do alone and make their life easier. This category includes guide dogs, dogs that pull wheelchairs, dogs that help deaf owners and alert them to sound, dogs that can open doors, cold or even pick up things that fall on the floor for people in wheelchairs or with some kind of motor problem, and medical alert dogs that can detect when their owners are about to have some kind of discomfort or seizure.

How To Care For A Service Dog

The condition and performance of a service dog depends on proper feeding and caring. The dog should be kept without collars or muzzles. The room intended for this purpose should be light, dry and clean. It is especially important that there is a lot of oxygen in the room.

Use of Service Dogs

For a long time people have learned to tame a dog and use it for various purposes. Over the centuries, man has successfully developed in the right direction the dog’s natural features - attachment to the owner, hearing and smell, running speed, spite, endurance.

Dog Feeding

The dog’s body is constantly consuming energy. Replenishes energy with nutrients. In addition to them, for the normal growth and development of the body requires a number of chemicals (various mineral salts, vitamins, etc.).